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How can I donate?

You can make your donation directly at our offices in Santa Elena, Monteverde, by depositing directly to our account or through our online link.​

Are the donations tax exempt?

Donations made inside the USA are tax exempt.

Who decides where the money goes?


The executive director will direct the donation towards the ​fund that needs it with the most urgency.

Can I decide which specific fund I want my donation to support?

Absolutely! Tell us which cause you are most passionate about and we will make sure your donation goes to your fund of choice.​

Is the FCM a non-profit?

Yes, since its creation in 2012 the Community Fund has functioned as a non-profit organization.

How do I apply for a small grant?


Each year we announce on our website when we are receiving applications. Submit a letter of intent before the deadline posted. The letter should be no longer than 5 pages and cover the topics described here​.

Who can apply?

​- Groups of at least 5 people: no more than half can be related to each other.

- Ideas that benefit the entire community, not just a few people.

- Projects that do not intend to make a profit.

Who cannot apply for a grant?

-Government entities, for-profit companies, and individuals​.

-Proposals related to political parties or partisan movements.

-Projects that are the direct responsibility of the government.

-Purely religious, sectarian, or research activities.

-Social assistance programs of any kind.


What can the grants be used for?


The grant can be used to cover costs such as:



-Training sessions


-Materials & Supplies


-Human Resources (note: Human Resources must not be the principal goal of the project) 

Which communities can apply?


Projects can be located in the communities of Cañitas, Cebadilla, Cerro Plano, Guacimal, La Cruz, La Lindora, La Guaria, Las Nubes, Los Llanos, Los Olivos, Los Tornos, Cabeceras, Monteverde, San Luis, Santa Elena, and San Gerardo.

Can you apply more than once with different projects?

Yes, however one project may not receive more than 3 grants in a 5-year period.

Who decides which projects get approval for funding?


​The Executive Director of the MCF will read your letter of intent and reach out with feedback and suggestions for strengthening your proposal. If your idea qualifies for a potential grant, you will be invited to proceed to the next step.


Who follows up on the projects?


Those who get approved for a grant receive 50% of the funding when the project begins, and halfway through the course of the project they must provide the MCF with a technical and financial progress report. If the project has progressed according to the prior agreement, then they will receive the second half of the grant funding. We also schedule staff visits to take note of how the project is progressing.

What should I do if I still have questions?


We are happy to answer more questions and listen to your ideas. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at our communications department:

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