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Mission: Unite diverse resources, shareholders and strategies in order to support and promote sustainable initiatives within the Monteverde region.


Vision: Create quality of life and a more sustainable community through the efforts and collaboration of all Monteverde. 


Community, connection, trust, resilience, equity, balance, empathy, hope, regeneration.

SINCE 2012...

Since 2012, the Monteverde Community Fund supported 37 grassroots projects and organizations, leveraged more than $140,000 in small grants, and connected Monteverde organizations with ample funding sources and relevant expertise.


We also measure our success by the perseverance and ingenuity of the organizations working throughout the Monteverde region:

  • Monteverde’s first public Spanish-language library

  • Anti Harassment Brigade

  • Women’s artisanal soap enterprise

  • Community garden

  • Youth action groups

  • Municipal-wide water and solid waste treatment

  • Internationally-recognized climate action commission


We also provide fiscal agency to grassroots organizations, so they can focus on their areas of expertise.  These organizations pursue high-level impact in areas like climate action, literacy and education, theatre arts, and solid waste.  


During its short tenure, the Monteverde Community Fund has become a force that magnifies and enhances the work of Monteverde’s engaged citizenry.


A Bit of Background

The association is a non-profit organization where a group of people comes together for a common purpose and social purpose. For its constitution, it must constitute 10 or more people. Additionally, the figure must necessarily have a Board of Directors (chosen by the associates) with at least 5 positions. 

Source: El Observador CR

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