Become a member of the Monteverde Community Fund today and support community projects!

Youth group

Getting involved is more important than ever. 

By becoming a member of the Monteverde Community Fund, you will be actively supporting the change and betterment of the community. Every time you pay an annual fee, you are helping the Community Fund's team in our efforts to empower the different groups of people that exist in the community while promoting solidarity, inclusion and participation of people in the community.

We invest in what matters!

Our people


We open spaces so organized groups in the community can bring us potential solutions to their needs and together we seek funds to do so.

Smart Economy


We all have to earn a living in a way that nourishes, not degrades, our community and our natural environment. This is why we have supported projects like La Tilichera, Monteverde's first barter store and los Verdes, a new social currency in the community.

The environment


We've helped finance local projects that address local environmental challenges such as forest connectivity, protection of water resources and urban sanitation, among others.

Response to the crisis

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-22 at 5.44.11 PM

We recognize the importance of strategic planning and preparation for natural disasters, pandemics, and emergency situations. This is why we created the Emergency Fund, born during the Tropical Storm Nate crisis and reactivated to support the community through the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more here.


50% discount for full time students.


₡12,500 - $20

Base fee


It consists of a single annual payment. Individual members have the option of paying up to 50% in kind.

In addition, people who have already paid the $100 of the 2020 membership can sponsor a new member with that contribution or they can have the 2021 membership paid.

Senior Citizens

50% discount for golden citizens (over 65 years old).


₡12,500 - $20


10% discount per member if there are 2 or more members from the same family nucleus (with the same surnames or spouses).

₡22,500 - $37

How do I join?

• The person interested in being part of the Monteverde Community Fund must first complete this quick form. You will also need a letter of recommendation from a member of the Board of Directors, you can see an example of the letter here. If you don't know a member of our Board personally, email us at and we will gladly help with this step.

• This request will be submitted to a vote at the next ordinary session of the Board of Directors, and you will receive a reply in the following eight days.

• Upon receiving the approval of the Board of Directors, the new associate must pay the amount of the membership fee, which corresponds to the payment of an active member annuity.

The payment can be done in the following ways:

    1. In its entirety upon being approved by the Board of Directors as a member of the association.

    2. In two payments, half when approved by the Board of Directors as a member of the association and the other half within 6 months of its affiliation or before the fiscal close, whichever comes first.

    3. If there are less than 6 months until the close of the fiscal year, you must pay only 50% of the amount of the fee at the time of approval.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

  • Attend the meetings to which you are summoned. This consists of one annual meeting, and the possibility of receiving a direct invitation to broaden on a project or topic which could be of interest to you, based on a match done by our team.

  • Cooperate in the conservation of assets and the proper development of the association's activities.

  • Support the efforts made by the Monteverde Community Fund to fulfill its objectives.