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Community Ambassadors Program

Visiting Monteverde?
Keep it local!

Stay at their hotels and b&b's, eat at their restaurants, shop at their stores. We have a wonderful support network and we want you to meet them, too!

Individual actions boosting local well-being.

We have seen what can be done when the community comes together for a common good.


We also know this sense of unity shouldn't be saved only for emergencies, but cultivated through the years until it becomes a part of our culture. For this reason, we've created the Community Ambassadors program, giving local businesses the opportunity to be an agent of change while representing Monteverde's best values. 

How does it work?

Getting involved matters.

Our Ambassadors Program celebrates community participation and traveler's philanthropy. We've designed a simple method that allows our friends and members to become fundraisers for their own communities. 

Our Ambassadors believe in our mission and are regular contributors to our fundraising campaigns throughout the year. They are familiar with our impact in the region, and are prepared to explain to their guests how we work to keep our community strong. Each Ambassador's business displays the Community Fund's card with a QR code in easy view. With a click, visitors can leave a donation that will nourish the community that welcomed them, even after they have left.

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