200km por Monteverde

5th Anniversary
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 Once a year, the community comes together for a recreational event that celebrates sports and solidarity. An idea born from the mind of a local philanthropist and community leader, 200k for Monteverde celebrated its fifth annual fundraising event in 2020. All funds raised were for the community's Food Bank, who has distributed almost 2000 food packs to families in need since March, 2020. 

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Local children participating in the race.

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We were on the national news!

What has 200km done for Monteverde?

In 2019, it raised over $2300 dollars through sponsorships and donations, which all went towards the Youth Fund. In 2020, $1193 were raised for the local Food Bank.

The event has brought together students, teachers, local businesses, visitors and athletes from all over Costa Rica, all of them with one thing in common: their love for Monteverde.

What started as one man running alone to raise awareness is now a well known celebration of youth and community philanthropy, with over 150 people running over the course of four days.

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You're still in time to give to the Food Bank!

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